Web design

The evolution of Web design brings technological innovations that include new features. Before becoming professional and offering Internet users modern interfaces, Web design went through several changes.

Create a professional

Free site creation sites can greatly simplify portal uploading. The process is done in three stages: the choice of the design, the insertion of text and images then the publication of the site on Internet.

The free site creation portals are also suitable for beginners who have not gained any knowledge technique . The customization of the portal is done in a few clicks.

There are several solutions to develop a virtual store. Those wishing to create an ambitious portal will have to budget enough time and time to entrust the project to a competent web agency.

Or choose to build your own site with a turnkey solution and a subscription to a host. The launch of an e-commerce portal requires the implementation of specifications, SEO optimization ...

There are 2 categories of communication agencies: global communication agencies and expert companies in several fields of activity.

Specialized communication agencies are divided into several areas such as advertising, the media, the Web, publishing, marketing, press relations ...


Missions of communication agencies

Stages of realization of Web sites

Web Design Phases

Realizing a site involves booking and managing domain names, implementing a hosting infrastructure for a site, developing the user interface and developing the background.

Who can design a site ?

To create a website you can do it yourself, entrust this task to a qualified web agency or a self-employed person. In the latter two cases, it is crucial to provide upstream project specifications.